Nouvelle Vague: Miami is one of our favorite cities to perform in

After tremendous success during their last concert in Miami in 2010, the unparalleled French group Nouvelle Vague is back in Miami on November 2nd at Downtown’s Grand Central. Presented by Rhythm Foundation, the concert is among the many cultural events proposed by the 2012 edition of French Week Miami.


- e-Toile: "Nouvelle Vague" has already performed in Miami. What do you think about the city and its audience and why do you enjoy (apparently!) making it a stop on your your tour?

"Nouvelle Vague": First, we love Miami for the sun and the sea obviously and it’s the perfect spot to finish the one month tours we have had these past years. Miami has a really cool audience, very warm and Miami is definitely one of the cities wher we most like perofrming in.

- e-Toile: What will the band is going offer on November 2nd that will be different from the previous shows?

"Nouvelle Vague": It’s different this time because we have a dancer/singer, Zula from the Crazy Horse, Paris and a lot of costumes made specially by fashion designer, Carolina K. We also have some videos and for the first time we’ll play some new songs from the next album!

- e-Toile: If you had to describe the band, what would be the adjectives that you would choose?

"Nouvelle Vague": Glamourous, fun, sensual, scary.

- e-Toile: Musicians and singers will be performing for the 5th edition of "French Week Miami", which showcases French gastronomy, French wines, French music and many other French cultural and social events. Does "Nouvelle Vague" enjoy festivals and events of this kind, specifically when they are set up abroad?

"Nouvelle Vague": Yes, the last time we did something like this we performed in Melbourne, Australia in a festival dedicated to the French way of life, it had a picnic with wines, food etc. We are proud of the French culture so it’s an honour to play in these kinds of events.

Nouvelle Vague Concert:
Friday November 2nd at 9:00 pm
Grand Central
697 North Miami Avenue,
Downtown, Miami

For more information visit:
Telephone: (305) 672-5202

Last modified on 01/11/2012

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