In Pensacola, Captain Robert Mims was honored on September 22, 2012


After training for several months in South Carolina, Mr. Mims and the other members of his unit participated in the bombing of German forces on the European continent.

Their mission was not only to bombard German military bases, but also civil establishments such as airfields, storage and supply yards, as well as factories. They also performed several missions on German missles sites along the French coast.

On February 5th 1944, during its 27th mission the plane of Mr. Mims was caught. During this operation, three planes were lost, 19 men killed and 30 other planes were damaged.

Even though his plane had been cuaght by the German’s attack, Mr. Mims was able to do an emergency landing, whiwh allowed his men to escape. However, Mr. Mims did not have the same chance and was taken in as a prisoner by the Germans.

He received the Purple Heart for the injuries he received during that emergency landing.

For his contribution to the liberation of France, Mr. Mims received the medal of knight of the Legion of Honor on September 22nd 2012. France will never forget!

Article published on September 27th 2012.

Last modified on 27/09/2012

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