Students in the International Studies program receive honors

The schools, International Studies Charter High School (ISCHS) and International School of Broward (ISB) prepare their students to receive prestigious diplomas, French Baccalaureate, French- American Baccalaureate and ’Brevet des colleges’.

This year again, students received excellent results. Congratulations to the students and their teachers!


The French Baccalaureate

At International Studies Charter High School (ISCHS), the French Baccalaureate class of 2012 was very successful: 100 % students received the diploma.

One student in Economics passed with High Honors - mention Très bien- while one of his peers was honored with a "mention Bien".

Students from both Literature and Sciences also represented at the International Studies Charter High School were also recognized as they passed the exams and graduated.

The Franco- American Baccalaureate

At the International School of Broward (ISB), the Franco- American Baccalaureate, this year being the second edition, was won by several student candidates.

Indeed, four out of the eight student candidates for this diploma, which combines the best of the French and American Education system succeeded with very good results.

One of the students obtained an honorable mention of "Very Good" thanks to his excellent results including a score of 20/20 in mathematics, while other two students received the mention of "Good".

Even if the four other students will have to redo the exam next year, the teaching staff and all these students can still be recognized for their ongoing efforts.

"Brevet des collèges"

Regarding this certificate presented by French Middle schoolers, the goal has been reached, since the success rate of 100% was achieved by the 16 students from International Studies Charter (ISCHS) with two great honors.

The results obtained by the students in the International School of Broward are equally positive with a 76% success rate for their 21 candidates.
Six of them have received honors, while five of them received a “Good” mention. It is an excellent achievement for these students studying in a dual program.

These results demonstrate once again that the International Studies Program, which is almost unique in the United States, delivers curriculum enabling students to obtain prestigious French and American diplomas.

Congratulations to the graduates and their teachers!

Visit the web pages of each school

-  International Studies Charter School - ISCH
2480 SW 8th Street, MIAMI 33135 FL
Contact: Frédéric BERNERD
Tél. : 305-643-2955

- International School of Broward charter school - ISB
3100 N 75th avenue – Hollywood, FL 33024
Contact : Jacqueline Hoy
Tél. 954 987 2026 Télécopie 954 987 7261

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Article published Sept. 5, 2012.

Last modified on 06/09/2012

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