Committee LMC: A platform for work and trade dedicated entirely to the world of luxury and creation

On September 12, 2012, the French-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (FACC) launches its latest professional committee with experts from the community and members of the organization: a Luxury Committee now called L.M.C, an acronym for «Luxury, Media and Creative Industries». Christophe Maincourt, President of the FACC explains the context of this new platform of trade and work: a fully transitional luxury industry while "Created in Miami" emerges.


- e-toile: Last March, you announced the creation of an organization of professional committees supported by experts from the community and members of the FACC Florida.
Which ones have been implemented since then?

Christophe Maincourt: The committee «C.A.D.R.E » (Construction, Architecture, Design and Real Estate) is now in working order: since its launch last July, it has met twice and has prepared for «French Week» a roundtable of real estate developers and city officials in Miami.

The «Wine and Food» committee has contributed to the development of «French Spice» for which 20 French restaurants have already agreed to participate in; its members also worked actively in organizing a roundtable on «Wine Marketing», which will be one of the highlights of «French Week».

The Committee C.T.T (Cruise, Transport and Tourism) will be launched during «French Week», next november: it is also a strategic committee whose activities will include relaying information on the sectors -essential to the economy of Florida- and allow French players to be more visible.

We also accomplished a prospective mission of companies from Guadaloupe always within the context of «French Week» in November.

- e-Toile: Mr. Maincourt, you are a professional with a long career in the luxury industry and you are ready to launch this upcoming 12th of September a section entirely dedicated to luxury. Miami and South Florida attract great brands opening beautiful premises: shops and offices welcoming more and more visitors.
On this ground, what will be the provisions and major advantages of this committee?

Christophe Maincourt: This Committee is now called L.M.C (Luxury, Media and Creative Industries).
The landscape of luxury in South Florida has changed dramatically: a decade ago, brands were marked with activity through subsidiaries or liaison offices in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Today, Miami is emerging as a prime retail market in the North American continent so we must therefore integrate this committee and implement local and regional offices.

In addition, Miami is now more than ever a center of creativity in the field of media, having capitalized on their Hispanic and international cultural identity.

Finally, Miami is also a center of creativity in the field of fashion, accessories and fragrances; «Created in Miami» or «Made in Miami» is a sector that has not yet reached its full potential.

The new committee L.M.C will seek to consolidate Miami as a capital of creativity and our intention is to create a notable, significant and lasting French component.

- e-Toile:You have regularly emphasized the importance of the exchanges between the French-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida and those of Germany, Italy, Britain, and Spain in particular.
How are they involved in these different committees?

Christophe Maincourt: The reconciliation of these European Chambers of Commerce is embodied in «networking» events that bring together between 200 to 300 people every month.

The success of this formula that allows a social gathering of our communities of European descent subsequently evolves towards thoughts of an economic nature. The themes must be defined beforehand and find coherence and complementarity whithin the community.

e-Toile: Two months prior to «French Week Miami» and its gastronomic corollary «French Spice», FACC’s team and yourself are in battle order.
What do you wish to put forward at this stage?

Christophe Maincourt: The "French Week" is approaching its ideal format: a celebration and general promotion of French specificities that find resonance in the economic, cultural, artistic, and education sectors of South Florida.

Institutions and companies mobilize every year, and now spontaneously, to participate in this event whose reputation has spread beyond local borders. The objective of pooling talents and volunteers has taken on a new dimension.

This year, «French Week» will debut with a Jazz festival from Nice, brought by a French event promoter based in Miami. She will also host, in the context of a book fair, one of the most famous French writers: Marc Levy.

We also made the “Food and Wine” part, one of our sectoral priorities; all major French restaurants in Miami already support this initiative to offer a French dining experience at an introductory price.

The economic aspect of these industries will be developed during the round table on “Wine Marketing”.

The goal is for French products to regain a market share consistent with their reputation in this area.

As a novelty, “French Spice” proposed the expression “Café Spice,” which is none other than a version of our “Coffee & Croissants” and “Afternoon Tea”. “Café Spice” will be offered to a various bakeries in the city.

Lastly, we would like to extend “French Week” to Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach (where the golf tournament is held), which are growing centers of attraction for the establishment of French business, most notably in the areas of Biotechnology and Life sciences.

In summary, this year “French Week” will host more than 30 economic, cultural and educational events during the month of November and then forty restaurants will offer “French Spice” in the spirit of “celebrating French gastronomy” with the community that constitutes the social and cultural fabric of Miami.

To participate at the launch of L.M.C (Luxury, Media and Creative Industries) Committee, click here.

Visit also French Week and French Spice.

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Article published Sept. 5, 2012.

Last modified on 06/09/2012

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