"Green Is Better" for your health

"Green Is Better" for your health

Johanna and Alexander Gabet opened a restaurant right in the heart of downtown Miami, a place where tables are “green”. Eating healthy and fresh is their motto, a trend that seems to be spreading in Florida as well as in the rest of the United States.


e-Toile: Alexander and Johanna Gabet, you opened a restaurant in Downtown Miami. Why did you choose this city and its Downtown particularly?

  • Alexander and Johanna Gabet: We chose Miami because after several market analyses, we truly believe in the development and potential of "healthy food" in this city and its region.
    Regarding dietary habits, Miami was ranked among the top 5 most populated cities in the US. Indeed, its inhabitants have evolved more rapidly in terms of dietary habits by becoming more conscious of the importance of eating healthy and fresh in order to live well.

Furthermore, the constant local heat throughout the year leads to the desire of eating fresh and healthy, for example, salads, wraps and drinking “smoothies” at «Green Is Better».

After much debate we had narrowed our options down between New York and Miami and ended up choosing Miami to establish our franchise, particularly in the Downtown area where we think the franchise will thrive thanks to its “service sector”.

e-Toile: The restaurant bets on the fresh and balanced characteristics of its products and menus, while respecting consumer’s wallet, what are the choices you have made to comply with this combination?

  • Alexander and Johanna Gabet: To craft our menus, we used previous knowledge and experience from our other restaurants, which have been operating in France and abroad for 4 to 5 years now, and we adapted them to fit the U.S. market.
    In order to best comply with the eating healthy and fresh motto and make our products affordable, we calculated that the average meal would cost around $10.
    To keep this balance, we work closely with local producers located throughout Florida.

e-Toile: The organic and “locavore” movements have been known to encourage consumers to buy seasonal and fresh produce which has been widely developed in Europe in recent years, what about Florida?

  • Alexander and Johanna Gabet:At "Green Is Better" in Miami, we opt for fresh, good, seasonal and good quality ingredients but not particularly organic.

In Florida, eating fresh and seasonal is booming. We believe that the trend will reach its peak within 3-4 years, but for organic produce, it will take a little longer. It will increase progressively year after year since people are taking more into account the importance of staying healthy.

e-Toile: Do you think you can branch out your concepts to other parts of the region?

  • Alexander and Johanna Gabet: Our project and the franchise’s is to develop primarily in Florida and then in all of the US.
    We have many potential business partners interested in collaborating with us here in Florida. Moreover, in light of this bright outlook, the franchise decided to open new offices in Miami later this year.

Saladbar- Green is better
Address: 123 SE 2nd Avenue, Miami, Fl 33131

Article published July 12, 2012.

Last modified on 12/07/2012

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