Kristelle Gauchet combines contemporary and design

About forty blocks north of the Design District and Wynwood, Gauchet Fine Arts Gallery has just opened. To run the gallery, Kristelle Gauchet, has placed her bet on a strong network of collectors and soon-to-be regular events.

e-Toile: Kristelle Gauchet, in April 2012, you opened up a gallery on Biscayne Boulevard and 86th Street, why did you decide to open it at this location?

JPEGKristelle Gauchet:I know pretty well the United States.
Since the age of 15, I had the opportunity to stay in New York, Los Angeles and other cities in California. On the one hand, what struck me about Miami is its characteristic of always being under construction and on the other hand, the incredible diversity of its population.

I love Latin America and Brazil in particular and hope to use Miami as a base to work on both sides of the American continent, being involved with major contemporary art fairs.

When I chose to move here, off the path of Design District and Wynwood, I opted for a beautiful space allowing me to plan my own events. The gallery is vast; it is also adjoined to other galleries and antique shops.

e-Toile: Do the art galleries of 2012 offer the same services as the ones in the 20th century?

Kristelle Gauchet: The offer is very wide range of services. They probably offer as many services as there are galleries, and some will even go to the extent of signing exclusive contracts with the artists they showcase with a very conservative approach.
The choice I made is based on openness by showcasing the works of artists in a “real situation”: their works stand by furniture brought mainly from France.
I work directly with Art collectors. For the artists I represent, I also like to open my network by promoting their works to other galleries.

e-Toile: On what basis do you choose to represent artists?

Kristelle Gauchet: I grew up in an artsy environment. My father is an antique dealer; this led me to study arts in Paris.

I made my final project alongside Olivier Dassault, where I continued to work for five years. When I shared with his team my plan to work in the United States, my co-workers offered me to represent Olivier Dassault in the U.S. I also promote sculptures and works of Mariko and Patrice Breteau, the French "official artist" of NASA.

e-Toile: What does an art dealer based in Miami do when the Art Basel is not jostling the city’s routine?

Kristelle Gauchet: If Art Basel is a key time for contemporary art, the daily routine of a gallerist is focused not only of this highly impressive period.

My goal is to set up a steady flow of events to attract visitors and customers. There are many collectors residing here, in Palm Beach for example, or vacationing in the region.

My idea is also to create partnerships with architects in order to offer them designed furniture. Of course, I want to participate in Art Basel and Art Miami and other great fairs held here and elsewhere.

I also find essential to be part of the French economic and social network at local level!


Gauchet Fine Arts Gallery
8650 Biscayne boulevard, suite 19
Miami, FL 33138
Tel: 305 778 2789

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Article published July 10, 2012.

Last modified on 12/07/2012

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