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  • Commemorate 450
    On May 1, 1562, Jean Ribault sailed into what we now call the St. Johns River, and named it The River of May. He met with the indigenous, Mocama-speaking Timucua Indians on the North side of the river and claimed the beautiful land for France by placing a stone onto the ground in her honor.

The next French exploration occurred in 1564, Fort Caroline - la Caroline - was built, and the “First Thanksgiving” took place on June 30 of the same year.

  • The Florida French Heritage Trail

The history of the French presence in Florida combines all possible elements of human character – the search for adventures, secret desires, and stories of rise and fall. Great naval captains led their galleons to uncharted territory. Revolutionaries helped build the independence of a young North American republic. A former prince and general of Napoleon’s once mighty Empire, farmers, diplomats, priests – they all contributed to present-day Florida – the "Sunshine State."

  • Biographies and events related to France’s heritage

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