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e-Toile: Viviane and Pierre Friedlich, many years ago you opened the French bookstore Pierre Books, first in Miami-Dade County and years later in Hollywood.
Can you tell our readers the reasons of this opening in South Florida?

Viviane and Pierre Friedlich: We opened the bookstore in 1997, and its been open 15 years already!

We are Belgian, but we travelled a lot: we spent 5 years in Mexico and 18 in Caracas, Venezuela. Pierre worked in an international bank for a Venezuelan group that later moved to Miami.

Unfortunately, the group was affected by the aggressive buying of its shares.
By 1996, the group was considering to sell the bank to a big European bank.
We saw that there was a possibility that Pierre may lose his job therefore, we sought to establish a business.

Among several options, we opted for a bookstore with an international atmosphere, but focusing on French.
We had seen the success of these libraries in Mexico, Venezuela and other Latin American countries. We added music (CDs) and films (VCR and DVDs).

e-Toile: Who are your customers and what books are in high demand?

Viviane and Pierre Friedlich: To our surprise, the bulk of the clientele are not native French speakers but, Latinos and Americans who are Francophiles; especially Haitians who are great readers.

European Francophones sometimes read magazines and for those who are interested in books, they ask their families to send them some.

Demand varies according to nationalities: the Haitians are very interested in philosophy, classics, history of Haiti and books about current policy of their country, freemasonry and esotericism in general.
Latinos and Americans love magazines, and classic novels but easy to read.
The Europeans buy magazines and mystery novels.

e-Toile: Over the years, have you seen an evolution at the level of gender, frequency of purchases, or sales volume?

Viviane and Pierre Friedlich: Unfortunately, the education and culture of reading is being lost. Competition from TV, movies and internet is too strong.

e-Toile: What do you think about the introduction and the widespread use of e-books?

Viviane and Pierre Friedlich: In our opinion, the electronic book is a fad that will last only a time because of the reasons we previously stated.

Pierre International Bookstore
Leur nouvelle adresse est: 1892 Radius Dr./Polk St
Hollywood FL 33020
Tél : 954-924-1660

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Article published on June 28, 2012.

Last modified on 28/06/2012

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