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Discover a major French contemporary artist: Dominique Labauvie “A gift from the River” at Bleu Acier Gallery. Opening night on Thursday June 21 from 5 to 9 pm

JPEG Bleu Acier gallery presents French artist Dominique Labauvie’s work in a solo exhibition taking place in Tampa, starting on Saturday the 23rd. There will be an opening reception on Thursday 21st.

Labauvie is a well-renown international artist living in Tampa with his wife, Erika Schneider, an American printer.
Two new large-scale works of the artist will be presented. It stems from a serendipitous encounter between Labauvie and the Structures Superintendent of the Columbus Drive Bridge’s rehabilitation which led to the donation of a certain amount of used and weathered Carnegie steel dating from the construction in 1925, during the development of Tampa’s downtown area. The artist’s work is focused on the relationship between history and its material: Labauvie’s hand cut and forged steel sculptures evoke sleek subliminal manifestations of organic forms. Their frontal stature and linear calligraphy allow weightlessness; a sensation that is rare in sculptural tradition and that has become Labauvie’s signature.

As a gallery, Bleu Acier exhibits works in all disciplines by emerging, mid-career and established artists from the US and Europe. As a publisher, Bleu Acier collaborates with artists on limited editions and multiples that possess the strength and drive of their work in other media. These often very rare editions integrate the overall vision of the artist’s oeuvre.

- Information:
Bleu acier inc
109 West Colombus Drive
Tampa, Florida 33602
The gallery is open on Saturday from 2-6 pm and by appointment.
For more details, please consult the following website:

Image credit: from Bleu Acier
Old metal from the Columbus Drive Bridge was used to create Galileo’s Moons, its surface made richer by the varying tones of the metal caused by age.

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