Douce France Bakery knows no economic recess

After 15 years of operations in Orlando, Douce France Bakery is well known and appreciated by restaurants, hotels and amusement parks of Central Florida, a success outlined in this interview by Sophie Sacagiu founder and co-chair of the firm.


Photo : Sophie and Ran Sacagiu - Douce France Bakery - Bocuse d’Or’s display
  • e-Toile: Dear Sophie and Ran Sacagiu,
    Together you have created more than 15 years, Douce France Bakery.
    You currently produce up to 50,000 loaves of bread and pastries daily. Can you describe your industrial and commercial model and tell us how French ’’know-how (savoir-faire)’’ you have introduced to your kitchen?

Sophie Sacagiu: We service Central Florida’s hotels, restaurants and attractions. Most of our baked goods are eaten by tourists and conventioners, and only 25% by locals.

Our factory stays open 24hours/day/7days per week. We strive to deliver fresh daily, to all of our clients, excellent breads, breakfast pastries and cake components. Although we started as a French Wholesale Bakery our product list quickly evolved to include, as per the demand of our customers, many other items as - Italian, German, Moroccan, Armenian and American breads, Danish, Cinnamon Rolls, Muffins, and French items as Baguettes, Croissants, Genoises, Pates-a-Choux and Pates Sucrees, and lots of other items.
We only use quality ingredients; Plugras Butter, clean label flour - milled just for us, European chocolates and such.

Another key element - time, lots of time!

Breads and Croissants cannot taste good unless you give it time to ferment on it’s own! We also contract Mr. Didier Rosada, one of worlds’ best baker every three month.

He comes as a consultant and brings new recipes, technologies, trends and managerial techniques. This enables us to stay on top of everything and also teaches our staff to evolve with time and to refresh their skills.

  • e-Toile: Despite the difficult economic situation, you have continued to invest in your production. Does this mean that you are confident about the future of this activity in the Orlando area?

Sophie Sacagiu: Orlando is one of the city that has suffered the least during this economic distraught. Since the dollar has been weak, the tourists have still flocked to Disney during the past few years, this includes a rise of English and Brazilian tourists.
Walt Disney World has been on the up-rise.

Their marketing dept have come up with unbeatable packages that no one in this country can match. Luckily for all of us in Orlando, the tourist industry has suffered less.

Although most of our customers serve the tourist and convention industry, we are slowly concentrating on the local market. Orlando has almost 2 million residents.

  • e-Toile: You seem to have developed relationships of trust with many Chefs and Pastry chefs in this very touristic area. Is the tourism factor sustain an important part of your development?

Sophie Sacagiu: It used to be that Walt Disney World didn’t pay much attention to the food industry in their parks. But now times have changed.

They are now hiring more European Chefs with discriminating tastes and this to attract more upscale tourists, conventioners and locals to their signature restaurants.

We find ourselves involved with their chefs in developing new and very interesting recipes.
This is the best relationship we can hope for. These chefs are constantly changing and upgrading their menus and that’s very refreshing and interesting for all of us.

Douce France Bakery, Inc.
610 Business Park Blvd.
Winter Garden, Fl 34787

Last modified on 07/06/2012

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