Broward students celebrate D-Day


e-Toile: Dear Jacquelyne Hoy, you are the Director of the Lycee Franco-American ( LFA) located in Cooper City, and the head of the international School of Broward Charter (IBS) located in the Hollywood area.

On June 6, 2012, you will commemorate the landing of the Allied forces in Normandy by organizing a school-wide picnic. Why did you choose to commemorate this major mile stone of the Franco-American history at your school?

Jacquelyne Hoy: Our two institutions offer a two-way language immersion program for grades Prek-12 which is accredited by the French Ministry of French Education. We welcome American and French students, as well as children from all over the globe. Our focus is on respecting and understanding various cultures around us.

Today our students are able to study together in unity, and this is thanks to our veterans who have sacrificed their lives for peace, democracy and freedom. This celebration of D-Day will allow our young students to appreciate and honor the memory of our former youth who fought for them and for all of us. D- Day represents universal values marked by courage, determination, and cooperation.

By commemorating D-Day on June 6th, along with the rest of the world, we are able to celebrate peace, togetherness, and the freedom of our young people.

e-Toile: Can you tell your readers about the course of this day?

Jacquelyne Hoy: At 12:15 PM, a local school Color Guard Group, in conjunction with their military ROTC program, will initiate the ceremony.

This inauguration will be followed by a speech from two guests of honor. After our French and American students have performed their respective anthems, the Consul General of France in Miami will present the insignia of the Legion of Honor to American veterans of the World War II.

Class of CM1-CM2 will interview the veterans on stage.

Veterans from other wars will also give evidence of this day. The guests will enjoy a complementary picnic lunch, listening to music prevalent from the 1940-1950 eras. The ceremony will continue with highlighted forms of rhythmic dance, as well as skits and songs performed by our students which center on the same domain.

e-Toile: In the presence of students from both schools as well as a few hundred people, the General Consulate of France in Miami will present the insignia of the Legion of Honor to American veterans of World War II. How does the teaching staff prepare this event, especially the ceremony of decoration with their students?

Jacquelyne Hoy: This ceremony of D-Day is supported by the Ministry of Education, which requires teachers to prepare students on the educational background of D-Day.

We are currently working within teaching teams to enrich our classrooms with supportive thematic projects.

Our intermediate students are preparing their interviews and we have a partnership with an area college, wherein our students are developing their own skits, focusing in on the soldiers and their relationships with family members at home.
High School students have compiled Power Point presentations, which will be shown in the school’s cafeteria the day of the picnic.

These slide presentations will be displayed during the entire event in order to illustrate the historical development of D-Day. This will also show the importance of trades other than the military corps that contributed to the success of D-Day.

Some of these include:

• The engineers who made an artificial harbor and built special equipment for unloading
• Physicians who have developed drugs to date
• Journalists and their significant role to society.

The hymn is the sixth program. It will encompass students in the fifth and sixth grades who will interpret the anthem. The teacher will educate students about the meaning and scopes of the hymn. The primary school will perform dances and songs in uniform, replicating the 1940’s.

The alliance between our young students and our veterans will be the highlight of the afternoon, culminating the entire unit of study with this enjoyable picnic for all.

All together, adults and young, students and teachers, administration and parents will honor our elders who fought for us. This picnic will be more than a great celebration of peace and freedom!

Date: June 6, 2012 from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Address: 8950 Stirling Rd, Cooper City, FL 33024
Contact: 954-237-0356

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