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Orlando and Orange County will be running on European May 8th and 9th thanks to the European Union Showcase where the Consul General of France in Miami, Gaël de Maisonneuve, and his Italian, German, Dutch and Spanish counterparts will be present.

The region’s organization of French-American business development, the French American Business Council (FABCO), and many other French professionals are highly invested in the event, where France and, of course, Europe, will be honored.
Axelle Rayrolles gives us an overview of these two European days.


  • Mrs. Axelle Rayrolles hello, you personally involved yourself with the preparation and organization of this presentation of Europe which will be taking place May 8th and 9th in Orlando. In what context was the showcase organized and who would you say is its intended audience?

Axelle Rayrolles: Bonjour!

This event is organized in celebration of the European Union Day held on May 9th. On May 8th, we are showcasing Europe and their official representatives in Orlando, including the Consuls of Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy.
This event is geared toward the local business community, and local business owners wanting to deal with Europe in terms of Trade, culture knowledge, travel or even hiring. This is to promote Europe as a whole, especially business-wise.

  • Orlando is one of the most visited cities in Florida. Do the city and the region present Europeans with a particular message?

Axelle Rayrolles : Yes, Orlando is one of the most visited towns in the world actually, not only Florida.
The main message is that Orlando is as much a business destination as leisure destination. The connotation of Orlando is most likely to be Attraction Parks in people’s mind, however many do not know that Orlando and Orange County as a whole is the host of many diverse industries like Military simulation, medical research, tourism, sport, manufacturing, logistics, consulting, engineering to name a few.
All these different avenue attract people but also companies in our developing region. We want to convey the message that Central Florida is Internationally inclined and ready to assist local and overseas business owners in their professional development.

  • Whether it be on a professional or on a personal level, do you perceive a particular interest on behalf of Americans for European issues?

Axelle Rayrolles : Yes, the interest from local Americans is definitely present, especially on the professional level represented by a business development opportunity. The world is becoming a mix of cultures, but Orlando is definitely a melting pot!

This diversity is a strength international business owners ought to take advantage of. For example, you not-only can have a bilingual employee, but you can hire a bicultural one; someone who is from Europe and has been immersed in that culture before moving to Orlando.

This makes a big different when tackling different markets.
I personally hire foreign agents as I specialize in International Real Estate in Global Axellence. It does make a difference for me as the business owner, but for the customer when interesting with someone of their own culture. Nothing can replace that feeling of comfort. This represents a true value to any business.

And on the personal level, Europe has always attracted the world for its historical and cultural interest. Americans consider Europe a place to visit at least once in their life. They often select Paris as a first destination or more as an icon destination of Europe. They associate Europe as being romantic, they love the languages spoken, the gastronomy, the fashion, and the overall flair of a European!

Open the program below to know more about these events:

PDF - 745.9 kb
(PDF - 745.9 kb)

To learn more about FABCO, log on to http://www.fabco.us/

Published May 3, 2012.

Last modified on 03/05/2012

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