Frederic Pollet: a French photographer on Calle Ocho

Frédéric Pollet is a French artist working on various medias including video, sculpture, pastels and photographs. He lives and works in Paris but his works of arts have been exhibited all around the world. He has been in residency at the Alliance française of Miami for a month, working and documenting life on Calle Ocho. He unveils the result of his work in an exhibition at the Alliance française of Miami.


- * How would you define your work as a photographer? What is it that you aspire to express through your artistic creations?

Frederic Pollet: I always give luck a shot. When I arrive in a new town, my first instinct is to buy a card with different colored lines along the axes.
Those first few moments where I find myself without any points of reference are paramount to my work: to lose myself allow me to be more receptive to innovation.

I am similar to a geographer in the sense of not possessing a measuring tool, I simply have a black box in which a portion of the time, I go to nest.

- * How did you photograph Little Havana? What do you wish to illustrate? What do your photographs say about the neighborhood and its inhabitants?

Frederic Pollet
: Losing sight of the subject, similar to an archer temporarily obscuring his vision of a target in order to aim for the correct trajectory...

For example, I photographed a series of small bottles containing liquids of different colors, I left a few empty in order to introduce objects that didn’t figure into the setting, creating absences in order to illustrate that which is present.

Initially, I thought my work would focus more so on photographing Cubans going throughout their daily life. However, I was concerned that this style of work would verge on becoming a documentary. I preferred to express what I was really feeling at the time, handling the exile with what I have named ABSENCES.

The observer immerses himself within the framework of the photograph and imagines what is not represented, and with the presence of an object such as a car or clothes.... it appears.

- * How do you feel being featured at the French Alliance? How can your photographs play a role in the dissemination of French culture within a foreign community?

Frederic Pollet: The French Alliance ... it is an honor to be invited to exhibit here and to have the opportunity to immerse myself in Miami for a month.

It seems more important to me to reflect on, versus export, my works.
Naturally, I try to represent myself within the framework of French culture.. ...
I don’t export my work but I do export myself. I am in exile for a while.

The exhibition is being held at the Alliance francaise South Florida.
618 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL 33130
305 859 8760
The inauguration will be on Friday, April 13th at 7:00 p.m. on the Apero Jazz evening.

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