Cédric Prévost, French Director, is welcomed at the Miami International Film Festival

e-Toile: Hello Cedric Prevost. You’re one of the directors invited to the reknowned Miami International Film Festival. How did you become a filmmaker?

JPEGCedric Prevost: For me, it is primarily the desire to tell stories that led me to become a director.

I began writing novels in my childhood. It was when I was 15 years old that I began to envision cinema as a narrative tool.

After completing my law degree, I decided to train as an actor, mainly to learn how to direct a cast while at the same time filming my first short films. Because it seems to me that this is an empirical career, requiring practice more than anything else. Notably, I learned a lot while setting up the filming which allows you to understand how to direct a film.

e-Toile: You have already received numerous awards including one at the prestigious Cannes festival. What do these awards provide you with; do they help you in supporting more ambitious projects?

Cedric Prevost: The world of short films and that of feature films are quite separate one from the other, however, the rewards have the potential to help with more ambitious projects.

Obviously, they can attract attention as well as provide confidence to some of our partners. But it is the quality of a project that matters, because we know that some have been successful in the world of short films yet have failed to convert successfully to feature films.

e-Toile: You teach at the Cours Florent. Is this an opportunity to share your knowledge and skills as well as your vision of cinema?

Cedric Prevost: For me, teaching, which is the best way for one to learn themselves, is largely about sharing one’s experience.

As for my own "vision" of cinema, I might reference it, however, I take care not to impose it on my students, so that they may develop their own sensibility, even if that sensibility leads them to cinema of which I am not personally fond of.

I work mainly at passing along to them the ability to evaluate the acting, the writing and the direction as an artistic creation.

e-Toile: Who opened the doors of the Miami International Film Festival 2012 to you and what do you expect to derive from participating?

Cedric Prevost: Jaie Laplante selected two of my previous short films, "Alter Ego "and" Hymen," at the Miami Short Film Festival, where he previously worked.

He naturally asked to see “Catharsis" when I finished the film, and seeing as he liked the film, he included it this time in the Miami International Film Festival, where he functioned as interim director.

Without taking anything away from the Miami Short Film Festival, where I was honored to receive rewards for "Alter Ego" and "Hymen," I am obviously very pleased to participate in this wonderful event alongside other prestigious feature films.

Films are made to be seen (and this is probably especially true for "Catharsis," which plays with its viewer and, in fact, almost includes them as a character in the story).

Therefore, I expect that the film’s inclusion in the Miami International Film Festival will provide it with maximum exposure to both the general public as well as other professionals wishing to help provide exposure for the film.

My presence in Miami also allows me to meet with the public and those professionals as well as the other participants, which is always very rewarding, especially when it happens in a country different from one’s own.


Last modified on 08/03/2012

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