The movie "La Verité si je mens 3" at the Colony Theater


e-Toile: Hello Franck Bondrille. Having resided in South Florida for several years, you had the opportunity to bring several headliners and local cultural events to attention; how did you get started in this arena?

Franck Bondrille: I was already a show and concert organizer through my company events in France. This was not a new activity for me.

After several years in Florida, I realized that there was a real shortage of French artisitic creation to the point of being non-existent. I missed it as did a number of French people I met and with whom I have had the opportunity to discuss the subject. So I felt like getting back into it, which I did!

e-Toile: Within this context, on March 27, you will be announcing two exceptional screenings of "Would I Lie 3”. Can we discuss these two nights for which you became associated with other organizations?

Franck Bondrille: Given the success of the film and the desire of local French people around us to see "Would I Lie 3", I asked Eric Even how we could bring the third installment of the film to the area. Naturally, I contacted and spoke with Patrick Gimenez, the producer of the Festival de films France Floride, and proposed an alliance for this project. His expertise and knowledge made him the ideal combination.

We are in actuality very proud to have been able to obtain this copy of the film and its broadcasting license, considering it has only been released less than two months. This is to date, the only broadcast in the U.S.

The film is in French with English sub-titles in consideration of our local friends. Two screenings are planned, at 7pm and 9 pm at the Colony Theatre on Lincoln Road.

A single price for reserved seating is $ 16 ... we are pleased to say that, within two weeks, 50% of tickets have already been sold!

e-Toile: Do you have other dates in mind and if so, can you tell us if you are planning a collaboration with other local, event-oriented organizations?

Franck Bondrille Yes, we have other projects that are underway! We hope to soon provide you with a list of events coming to Florida. Meanwhile, we remain open to any local organizations wishing to help us host other events. We are always open to associating ourselves with events honoring French artistic creation.

"La vérité si je mens 3" on screen in Miami at the Colony Theater (Lincoln Road)
Two exceptional screenings March 27 at 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM
Tickets: Box Office - Lincoln Theater or
In French with English subtitles.

Contacts: USA (Franck Bondrille) France Cinema Floride films festival (Patrick Gimenez) et VIP embassy (Eric Even).

Last modified on 08/03/2012

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