Second International Colloquium on Teaching French as a Foreign Language (FLE)

The Department of Foreign Languages (University of Puerto Rico) and the French Alliance of Puerto Rico are organizing between February 29 and March 2, 2012, a colloquium on cultural, linguistic, and pedagogical aspects of learning French as a foreign language (FLE) in the Caribbean area and in the world.

We envisage a number of areas for research focused on the following topics:

• pedagogical models and the learning of FLE;
• integrating new technology into the teaching;
• acquisition of French as a second/foreign language: phonetics, morphosyntax, and semantics;
• cultural representations and sociolinguistic aspects of the teaching of FLE;
• workshops: teaching French with the help of TV 5 and RFI;
• french for special purposes (FOS);
• and training of teachers: new strategies, perspectives.

Main speakers: Jean Bernabé, University of Antilles and Guyana
Claude Germain, University of Québec, Montreal

There will be 20-minute presentations with 10 minutes reserved for questions and the language of communication will be French. The colloquium will combine lecture-type presentations with hands-on workshops.

This colloquium is intended specifically for FLE researchers, but also for professors of French who wish to improve their skills. A certificate will be handed out to all the participants at the end of the colloquium. Please find the details about the registration fees and accommodation costs on the Web sites of our respective institutions:

Organizing Committee:

Agnes Bosch, Françoise Ghillebaert, Patrick-André Mather (University of Puerto Rico) Diana Acosta, Cyril Anis (The French Alliance of Puerto Rico) Linda De Serres (University of Québec, Trois-Rivières)

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