The French District launches New Edition in New York

JPEGFrench District, "the French Quarter", keeps on expanding its operation by opening a new District in New York. A directory to find the right French speaking location, some fun and informative reports and a weekly newsletter make up the ingredients of the recipe of this district that grows steadily.

-  Hello Romain and Laure Angeletti, you will celebrate the fourth anniversary of the French District in 2012. As founders, how do you see the future of this virtual French neighborhood?

The French District has opened a new District in New York. In a few weeks will follow openings in Atlanta-Georgia, North and Souththern California, as well as many other places still in preparation.

We demonstrated that our model was relevant and profitable with our first district in Florida. Partners from the media world have joined us to form French districts in every location where French have created important cultural and economic links.

Our team gets stronger while retaining its sense of service, which is the pillar of our corporate culture. We continue to enjoy with great pleasure to write articles for our thousands of readers. Finally, our District Managers, responsible for the development of each area, continue to build our network of Francophone professionals.

-  What composes the bases of the profitability of the French District?

French speakers of all businesses, liberal professions, merchants, and restaurateurs are freely presented in the French District.

These thousands of professionals listed are the wealth of our network. Many of them choose to communicate on the French District, in order to showcase their skills, their services, and further explain their features. They can then get an advertising subscription – lasting a year in general – that they renew if they wish. Our profitability is based on their loyalty. 90% of them renew their subscription. QED

-  Overall, how do you find all these topics for your articles that we find on the French District?

The world is exciting, humans are creative, inventive and of a surprising nature. So it’s pretty easy: you just need to be curious. In addition, we are now assisted by a team of talented writers and personalities that find great deals. We enjoy sharing our discoveries with our readers, who seem to appreciate them, in the view of the increasing number of subscribers.

-  Can we expect any expansions or innovations of the French District in the upcoming months?

Yes. This is, actually, the constant innovation of our concept that motivates us. For example, we are currently launching the label French District. Our members display their membership with the French District at the front of their store, of of their business … Our readers appreciate being able to clearly identify the different locations part of the French District. This label will be followed by a few surprises of particular interest to our readers and members. But it’s a secret for now. So shhh …J

Last modified on 23/02/2012

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