City of Cognac and its famous liquor honored in Miami

Michel Gourinchas, Mayor of Cognac visited Miami the 9th and 10th of February.
Accompanied by several elected officials from the town of Cognac, he inaugurated the French Alliance’s Cognac exhibit and met with Jim Cason, the Mayor of Coral Gables. Both mayors wish to initiate a friendly alliance between the two cities.
An interview with the Mayor of Cognac and a video of the meeting between the two mayors.

In this interview, Michael Gourinchas enthusiastically discusses the cultural heritage of Cognac and its cooperation with different U.S. cities.

- If Cognac is a world famous product, what can be said of the town of Cognac? Could you describe it for those of our readers who are better acquainted with the drink rather than the town?

Cognac is a beautiful city with 20,000 inhabitants. It is a historic city when one considers it was the birthplace of King Francis I and later on, Jean Monnet, a founding father of Europe. Cognac possesses a remarkable architectural heritage dating from the late 19th century in relation to its cognac trading houses.Cognac is also divided by the Charent, a navigable river. It is a city that opens itself to tourists with its many hotels and restaurants. And then of course there is the visit of trading houses as well as a very nice museum presenting and discussing the cognac.

- Cognac is abundantly exported abroad. How does this affect the nternational outlook of the city itself ?

Cognac is actually linked with four cities in the world, including Denison in the United States.

Cognac is a city that is known worldwide and works often with foreign countries. It has cooperative alliances formed with Perth in Scotland, Konigswinter, Germany, Valdepenas, Spain, Boala, Burkina Fado and of course with Denison, Texas, where the remedy against phylloxera was discovered. Also closely tied with the trading houses, I receive official foreign visitors at the city hall. Our work with tourism is designed to attract new tourists to the city of Cognac. Cognac is a city that is decidedly open to the rest of the world!

- Your visit to Miami is an event in and of itself, even aside from the meeting with your counterpart in Coral Gables. What do you expect from this visit to American soil?

I am very honored to meet my counterpart in Coral Gables. I consider, firstly, that human relationships are very important to build lasting relationships. I also hope to raise awareness of Cognac and brandy to our Floridian friends.

- Is there anything you would like to add?

I would like to acknowledge the initiative of Chantal Firino Martell which has, in combination with the help of the French Alliance, allowed all that which is beautiful and worthwhile in Cognac to be brought to light.

In this video, the mayors of Cognac and Coral Gables discuss and explore the cultural heritages and similarities between their respective cities.

Last modified on 16/02/2012

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