Francophone tradeshow « Salon du judaïsme français de Floride »


e-Toile: Rabbi Frankforter, you are organizing the first edition of the tradeshow "Salon du judaïsme français de Floride" on February 26, 2012. Can you tell us the purpose of this meeting?

Rabbi Frankforter: Thank you for your question. The purpose of this meeting is to allow the French community of Jewish faith to discover and meet. As you know this community is large and growing. It also extends over a vast geographic area. These circumstances are why the French, per example of Coral Gables, do not necessarily know the French of Palm Beach.

On the other hand the problem of language and culture is an important issue for our community. While other immigrant groups such as South American blend more easily into Florida,this is not as easy for francophones.

e-Toile: More specifically, which are the exhibitors? What are the conditions for receiving the public and the venue?

Rabbi Frankforter: The fair will be held at 411 41st Street in Miami Beach.
Exhibitors will be varied: real estate agents, immigration attorneys, health insurance, and accounting and also, artists, musicians, photographers, jewelers, caterers, florists and many others.

CorsairFly will be there and I am proud to say that this show is supported by the French Chamber of Commerce of Florida and the organization UFE. The consulate will also be present.

e-Toile: Our Jewish compatriots are an integral and important part of the French community in South Florida. What do you think their expectations vis-à-vis the Consulate?

Rabbi Frankforter: I think this show will allow a discovery, per say, between the community and the consulate in an open and pleasant environment.
Many persons will discover all the services the consulate offers.
I think the important points right now are the information related to trade between France and the United States especially for SMEs, but also regarding Social services, social security and retirement. Information facilitating a return to France will be also appreciated.

I should also mention that the show is scheduled for the week of February vacation in France. As you know a lot of people take advantage of this week to visit Florida and some are interested to move here. Our services and the Consulate’s ones will be very helpful.

Contacts: Rabbi Yisroel Frankforter
- Jewish Educational Leadership Institute
Tel: 305 975 2666

Date and venue: Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012 from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Jewish Learning Center
411 41 st, Miami Beach

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