A meal to celebrate romance and gastronomy

e-Toile: Mr. Delbast, hello, you will be organizing a wonderful meal February 14, 2012, celebrating the French gastronomy. Why did you want this event and why did you choose that date?

JPEGMr. Delbast: We are an important social group and we organize events and dinners.

My wife has a passion for cooking and a great admirer of heads Bocuse, Ducasse, Troisgros and Verat, among others, promoters of this recognition.

We are a small group of French persons in Florida who love food and share the moment of a meal with friends. The Quebecois that surround us also enjoy the good food and the French spirit.

To mark UNESCO recognition for French cuisine, and to better spread the word of our organization, we proposed to prepare a gourmet meal for all residents of the park.

Valentine seemed appropriate to combine two strong French values: romance and gastronomy.

e-Toile: In 2010, UNESCO declared heritage of humanity the "customary social practice for celebrating the most important moments of life" or the art of "eating well" and "well drink". The realization of this event is in line with this recognition. How have you defined the course of the meal and what types of foods that you offer?

Mr. Delbast: My wife Eliane has developed a gourmet menu that allows a tasting of several aspects of French cuisine.

The challenge was to prepare a six-course meal, with quality products, with a budget of $ 9 per person.

The reception will take place with a kir cassis, accompanied by the sound of an accordion. Most dishes are served while seated.

As in all cases here, residents are involved at all stages of preparation and the final realization of the meal.

Dozens of volunteers already working for a month and separate spots, from finding the best ingredients, shopping, food preparation, setting up tables, management, stewardship, maintenance, decoration, animation and table service.

Everything here is prepared according to the French culinary tradition with few constraints and local adaptations.

This activity generates great enthusiasm in the park and allows all and all to discover and experience the true French cuisine.

e-Toile: If others want to invite guests to your dinner, whom should they contact and where should they go?

Normally meals together between 250 and 300 people, but for this occasion we will be over 350.

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate new guests.

Photo: Éliane Delbast, responsible of the organisation of the meal, with on her left Antonine Audet and Monique Tarrade.

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