USA21 a compromise between news and French public demand for information

e-Toile: Mr. Henry Bazerque, you are the Director of the United States 21.TV channel based in Miami and designed for French residents in the United States.

After three years of existence, what is your assessment of this experience and how do you analyze the expectations of your audience?

JPEGHenry Bazerque: We see a growing audience composed not only of French persons residing in the United States but also of French persons wishing to come here.

We can estimate the distribution to about 50/50.

I think is going in the right direction and meets the expectations of its users if we judge by the attendance that steadily increased.
This includes usa21’ s Facebook: in a few months (since April), it already lists 2,400 subscribers...

USA21 is a good compromise between news and French public demand for information who plan to settle in the United States or who are already here but want to explore new directions.

Our target is mainly "B to B" however, the types of economic events that we cover show it: World Symposium of Foreign Trade Advisors in Miami, the UIA Congress, the MBA in San Francisco and the events of the French American Chamber of commerce of Florida, etc.

Therefore, our main public is the French who wish to develop their business.
We are not a directory and if people look for a restaurant or a hairdresser, certainly we have a section on "Bonnes adresses" very selective in where they can find the right place but it is not our main focus.

Our credo is the lives of the companies and their future.

Now, we meet with great success thanks to our weekly column « Actu France USA » for instance, which is 5 minutes to get an overview of current news between France and the United States.

TV on the Internet requires a different form of broadcast than the one adopted by traditional media: Internet users appreciate the effects, small sequences. Beyond 8 minutes, you may loose the attention of the viewers and the background must be good.

Internet viewers are very knowledgeable, therefore we must offer something else: some surprises, humor ... well anything other than what could be seen on a regular TV screen.

With technological advances, the video is now the essential vehicle of the web.
As a pioneer of web TV, as a reminder we had our first web TV called in 2007 in France, we can now enjoy the evolution of the medium both in the quality of its receipt, that the expectation of its users.

With technological advances, the video is now the essential vehicle of the web.
As a pioneer of web TV, as a reminder we had our first web TV called in France in 2007, we can now enjoy the evolution of the media regarding reception quality and the expectations of the users.

We have a head start on other websites, discovering the power of videos, the latter one go with only 4 to 5 hours of videos... but we know that a web TV is first, an heavy technical investment, an adapted ergonomic environment and a quality of shooting and editing, which should now be able to support a big-screen viewing.

The fact that we are also audiovisual producers, allows us to offer our customers quality video at very competitive rates, but also as experienced media information, news stories and columns adapted to the web format.

e-Toile: What are the next steps in your development in North America?

Henry Bazerque: USA21 is already developing in New-York and we are currently setting up a network license in different States in which the French presence is the most representative.

We handle all the technical and editorial contents of the TV because we have an integrated control room in Miami and Paris, only the marketing of the "Bonne Adresses" is assigned to licensees.

This will also allow USA21 to radiate in terms of features and flash news on all USA.

In May 2012, will emerge; more than 30 Franco-Canadian partners will be joining us in this great adventure!

e-Toile: Much has already been said about the proliferation of information sources and communication channels.
As a veteran in of field, what is your biggest challenge today, your greatest asset?

Henry Bazerque: Our main challenge now is to stay closer to the expectations of users, and to master the growth of our media that is to say never to neglect the quality over quantity: recruit high-level French technicians, disseminate information and always stay sharp innovative.

Our greatest asset: the experience and a focus on a single target for over 20 years.

In addition to audiovisual production, we also have several ways of communication targeting French citizens abroad and their managers as well as exporters or businessman with international plans. Indeed, we organize as well the largest European gathering of international mobility and international trade each year in Paris (next edition 13 and March 14, 2012 in Paris), editions that are co produced with TV5 Monde les 24H Chrono de l’international. The sixth edition took place on January 25-26, 2012 at TV5 Monde, and we broadcast for 9 years the results of a major survey entitled "Expatriates, your life interests us". These results will be released March 13, 2012.

For us the United States is primarily a stepping stone in our development!


Last modified on 08/02/2012

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