Miami Cognac 2012, the XO event

Since the 18th century, the Cognac showcases its soul and its flavors. Thanks to a partnership with the Museums of the city of Cognac, discover the posters at the Alliance francaise South Florida in Miami. Ms. Chantal Firino Martell whose family distills the famous liquor since 1715 offers you here a first taste of this event.

JPEGe-Toile: Ms. Martell Hello, you participated in the implementation of the transaction Miami 2012 Cognac that has a strong focus on culture and history of the Poitou Charentes. Can you describe this event to us?

Ms. Martell: The title of the event, These Masterful Cognacs / Ces Cognacs de Maître, is a tribute to a product and the secular culture that has grown around it.

Making Cognac is, quite literally, an art that is comparable to the finest creations of Haute Parfumerie.

Creating a perfume is much less demanding in terms of time, we must always dream of cognac years in advance; plan crops, distillation, aging ...
It is primarily an art and men and women who practice want to present it to the American public.

My family, for example, who has produced Cognac since 1715, has always exported.

However, we must remember that Cognac is a French product of excellence worldwide: since the eighteenth century, as evidenced by the posters soulful exposition, Le Cognac, will be featured at the Alliance Française in partnership with museums of the city of Cognac.

The first public event takes place Friday, February 10th from 19h for an evening of Jazz at the Alliance French Cognac and visit the exhibition of posters of cognac, some dating from the early 19th century.

e-Toile: On this occasion, the mayor of the town of Cognac exchange homage with Coral Gables, what does this meeting mean to you?

Ms. Martell: We will establish a sustainable relationship between Coral Gables and the region of Cognac.

On one side is expected to sign an agreement of friendship between the two cities and another mark that two highly symbolic gestures: the mayor of Coral Gables, Jim Cason, will give the keys to the city to the Mayor of Cognac and he will give Cason the bottle No. 0001 a new numbered edition Cognac called "Coral Gables", a very good XO by the way.

It must be said that the mayor of Coral Gables is a very special person who appreciates excellence. Mr. Cason has a very distinguished diplomatic career, with many years stationed in Europe and knows France very well...

e-Toile: Cognac has largely won over the Chinese population, do you believe the American public and Florida specifically has the same enthusiasm for the French liqueur?

Ms. Martell: The U.S. market remains the most important to us. Now, as in many other fields, the rise of China has changed everything. Now, 42% of the production of certain qualities of Cognac are exported China!

The result is that we are witnessing a surge in the price that causes tensions to decrease sales in the United States. However, the depreciation of the euro should mitigate this a bit.

In Florida I have to say that it is a constantly expanding market and seems very promising.

Visuels: Photographies et collections Musées de Cognac (France)

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Miami Cognac 2012 - The program

What When Where?

Miami Cognac 2012 : « These Masterful Cognacs… Ces Cognacs de maître…

Wine can be made almost anywhere in the world. Cognac can only be made in Cognac, in the heart of Poitou-Charentes, France. These Masterful Cognacs… will introduce the arcane creations of the small family high-end artisan producers, to a wide audience of enlightened amateurs, bar tenders, sommeliers, hospitality industry associates. We will show how the art of Cognac is deeply rooted in the history, economy, and culture of the Poitou-Charentes region.


Cognac Master Class

Discover the Art of Cognac, the refinement of Cognac Tasting, in direct line with a panel of France’s finest artisan cognac makers and distillers. Two evenings of reflective lecture and tasting. Sweet or Salted appetizers will accompany the class


Plural Cognacs: An evening to learn the tasting techniques of the Cognac ‘terroirs’

Monday, February 13 at 7pm
Cognac cocktails, chocolate and food pairing.

Monday, March 19 at 7pm
Single Tasting
for members $55 - Non members $80
In English and French
Must be 21 or over – Please drink responsibly


Exhibition: Le Cognac s’Affiche

Since the 18th century, Cognac Houses have worked with the most renowned graphic artists. The museums of the city of Cognac have made available some of their collections for the Alliance française. The exhibition of vintage reproductions of posters is devoted to the history of a century and a half of the Liquor of the Angels.

As of Friday, February 10


Apéro Cognac Jazz : Unwind with a glass of Cognac or a Cognac cocktail as live Jazz engulfs you in the heart of Miami


Friday, February 10 at 7PM


Alliance française Miami South Florida
618 SW 8TH STREET – MIAMI FL 33130
305 859 8760
A summer camp for children, learn French in the Cognac country, for children and teenagers – July 2012

A VIP trip for up to 20 Alliance members. – Fall 2012
Roman art, books, cooking with cognac and much more.
Space for both travels strictly limited, inquire and book _

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