La Fouine in concert in Miami, January 25

Since the age of 12, rapper LA FOUINE was influenced not only by American and French rap but also by soul, reggae and African music. La Fouine was named "Best French Artist 2011" by the MTV Europe Music Awards. Jan 25, he comes to meet his public in Florida. Just a few days before his departure to the United States, he gives us his impressions.


e-Toile: La Fouine, you are a rapper famous in France, could you introduce your music, your style and text to the public in Florida?

La Fouine: I have been rapping since I was 12, I have released four albums and three compilations from Sony.
My music is rap, song, I talk about my life, my difficult childhood in the ghetto. I also give much hope.
I make songs that give energy to young people. I talk a lot of the “hood”, but my writing is for the world. I am influenced by the sound coming from the west coast but also from the Southern United States.

e-Toile: According to you, what are the main differences between the French and US hip hop?

La Fouine: There is not much difference really. There are some poor areas in France and “hoods” in the United States. The rap was born in the ghetto he who has poverty, will have rap!

e-Toile: Are hip-hop from the United States, and American artists an inspiration for you?

La Fouine: American rap inspires me, but also French rap inspires me.
I listen to everything in general; whether of soul or reggae, African music, French music or American music.
I am influenced by a bit of everything.

e-Toile: How do you approach your first tour in the U.S.?

La Fouine: I’m really eager to come to these concerts in New York and Miami.
I travel regularly to the U.S. and I always dreamed of traveling to perform in the United States. I am very happy, I cannot wait...

[(La Fouine in concert in Miami
Colony Theater
Miami Beach, FL
Wed, Jan 25, 2012 08:00 PM]

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