A Symposium Celebrating Contemporary French Art

A Symposium Celebrating Contemporary French Art

JPEGThe Patricia & Philipp Frost Art Museum and the France Florida Foundation for the Arts (FFFA) invites you to join artists, curators and art historians to discuss the work on view in the current exhibition Tour de France/Florida, Contemporary Artists from France in Florida’s Private Collections.

The symposium, which will take place at the Frost Art Museum on Saturday January 21st, will include a tour of the exhibit, panel discussions, presentation of the catalog and artists’ performances.

The exhibition is organized by the FFFA and the Frost Art Museum, with the support of the Institut Français, the French Consulate Cultural Services and the Maison Française, featuring 27 artists from France whose works are taken from 22 Florida-based private collections selected by a French curator living in United States, and on view until March 18 2012.

The symposium will be a further opportunity to continue this “Tour de France” and meet with the protagonists of the exhibit: Artists Jacques Halbert, Joël Hubaut, Dominique Labauvie and Bertrand Lavier; Collectors Elizabeth Lyman and Marvin A. Sackner; Curator William Jeffet, Salvador Dali Museum; Tour de France Curator Martine Buissart and Director & Chief Curator Carol Damian, Frost Art Museum.

At 5pm, Raul Valdes-Fauli, president of the FFFA, will proceed with the official presentation of the catalog Tour de France/Florida , the first of its kind dedicated to French contemporary art in Florida’s private collections.

The FFFA is a non-profit organization created to help local institutions promote French culture in Florida and to support cultural and educational exchanges between France and Florida.

Two performances, inspired by the Fluxus movement, will conclude the symposium: the first at 5:30pm by Joël Hubaut, a mixed media artist, musician and poet, and the second at 6pm by Jacques Halbert, of the Eat Art movement, presenting a very special edible performance dinner A Table, Life is a bowl of cherries….

Saturday January 21, 2012
Symposium: from 10am to 5pm
Catalog presentation: at 5pm
Performances: at 5:30pm and 6pm
Program: http://thefrost.fiu.edu/event.htm

The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum
Florida International University
10975 SW 17th Street
Miami FL 33199
Tel: 305 348 2890

Image credit: Orlan, Self-Hybridizations, American-Indian 2005-2008, #3 Painting Portrait of Wash-Ka-Mon-Ya, Fast Dancer, A Warrior, with Orlan’s photographic portrait, 2005. Digital photography, 152.5 x 124.5 cm

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