Feb 4


"Jules Verne fait son cinéma" is a monthly gathering designed for the young generation to discover cinema as an art, focusing this time on Jules Verne and its extraordinary voyages. Once a month, children witness not only an unforgettable experience to share with their friends, but also that of learning to read the images, thanks to a pedagogical introduction highlighting one or more of its characteristics and qualities. 
Some pedagogical accompaniment will also be delivered to you in order to encourage the children to exchange thoughts and feelings after having watched the movie. Before the film, an hour of workshop will be provided by Frédéric Pruvost, teacher at ISCHS, to prepare the theme : from the attack of the octopus or a virtual visit of the Nautilus, the children will experiment Jules Verne’s innovative world.
Saturday, February 4 @ Alliance française Miami - 3:30 pm
Alliance française members free - Non member $5

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