The Consul general sends you his best wishes for 2012

Dear Fellow citizens, Dear friends,

JPEGAllow me to address you, in the name of all the Consulate team, my best wishes for 2012, and to announce you the main events that will gather us together throughout this year.

A moment of history we have been part of

At the same time last year, we commemorated the 25th anniversary of the Consulate of France in Miami, as a significant marker of the French presence in Florida.

This year gives us the opportunity to trace back the sources of this heritage, the men who pioneered it, such as the explorer René de Goulaine of Laudonniere, Admiral Gaspard de Coligny and the navigator Jean Ribault who set foot in Florida in 1562 and founded the first French settlement in the United States within walking distance of Jacksonville in 1564.

This long history we have been involved in (over 450 years!), finds its true sense in our continued presence in Florida and, more broadly, in the Caribbean. The French community, which is constantly renewing itself in this part of the United States, nurtures this dynamic.

Our consulate welcomes the partnership between France and the Florida authorities, such as Enterprise Florida, the Tampa Bay Partnership, the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce or the Beacon Council, and regional cities such as Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando and Naples.

The economic, artistic and intellectual environment has become extremely competitive. Thanks to its identity and cohesion, the French, Francophone and Francophile community continues to assert itself. Thus, Florida was the first and only state for a long period of time which offered international programs in certain American public schools that taught French courses while administering both American and French exams.

Our cooperation is also exemplary with higher education establishments of equal excellence such as UF, FSU, UM, FIU, FAU, UCF and USF.

Our contribution to the future of the American South-East coast

Our network in Florida and the Consular District is rich with several Chambers (FACC) and professional associations that support the efforts of companies operating between France and Florida; six Honorary Consuls, who I would like to praise for their action in favour of the French Community; numerous Alliances Francaises that participate in the cultural and linguistic impact of our country, as well as all the associations that work for mutual aid and conviviality within our community.

The Florida of tomorrow will combine exceptional living standards to an environment of high technology in areas where it already excels, such as clean energy, life sciences, information technology and knowledge-based economy.

The implantation of our businesses is essential to the support and to the participation in this future, so I offer my encouragement to the French business community and reiterates my full support.

I sincerely hope that the Consulate team and I, can be at your side throughout 2012, which will mark the 60th "Congress of the French language and culture", in Orlando, the fourth World Symposium of Foreign Trade Advisors, the 450th anniversary of French presence in Florida and the fifth edition of the November’s event, the "French Week" in Miami.

Addressing you again our best wishes!

Last modified on 05/01/2012

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