"Monconsulat.fr" is starting up

JPEGThe set up of the site MonConsulat.fr
is a further step to facilitate access to the French administration.

This portal remote procedures, MonConsulat.fr, will
simplify and secure the relationship of some 2 million French
outside of France with their consulate, allowing them to manage their files remotely.

Modern, simple and secure, www.MonConsulat.fr
features include:

- Personal data: the user can access and update
personal contact information (mail, telephone or electronic);

- The electoral situation: the user can easily check its

- Data security: the user has the ability to provide and
edit important data on its safety.

- The certificate of consular registration: the user can print
directly documents useful to prove for instance the installation abroad...

MonConsulat.fr is an application access which revamps completely GAEL portal. Its
features have been developed and improved, and a procedure
"Assistance" was implemented.

MonConsulat.fr is also an application
secure: confidentiality is fully guaranteed by
a password created and only known by the user.

The user guide:

Last modified on 01/12/2011

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