TV5Monde increases significantly its South Florida presence

JPEGe-Toile: TV5Monde United States has completed its implementation across the Comcast cable network in Miami and the surrounding area.
Should we follow a special procedure in order to receive the TV channel when the operator is Comcast, newly Xfinity, and how do we register with the wired network if we are not yet registered?

- If you already subscribed to Comcast cable network, now called Xfinity, the procedure is very simple to take advantage of TV5Monde United States in the region.

Just contact 1-800-XFINITY and ask to activate the channel 697 (South Florida) for only $ 9.99 per month.

- If you are not subscribed to this network, check with Comcast / Xfinity and ask how you can benefit from their services. It covers 90% of Greater Miami / Fort Lauderdale, you can certainly be attached.

e-Toile: Can you describe TV5Monde U.S. and tell us if its programs are subtitled and in what languages?

TV5Monde USA is a general channel with a significant programming and high quality whether in film, sports and information.

TV5Monde United States is the only such channel broadcasting Roland Garros.

It offers as well its own productions such as "Rendez-vous d’Amérique", a show covering the French cultural news from East to West and North to South of the United States. It covers also events in South Florida of course.

Since October 2011, the chain hasalso launched the cooking show "Epicerie fine" or "Delicatessen."

Instead of giving step-by-step recipe, Chef Guy Martin reveals an original culinary specialty of their choice by the presentation of its history and its territory.

The holiday season is also the scene of a special programming particularly well with the release of films such as"Lucky Luke" starring Jean Dujardin, the famous "Welcome to the Sticks’ of Dany Boon or "The Child prodigy" which tells the incredible destiny of André Mathieu.
In this context, will also be broadcast on wildlife documentary "The Wildlife of Domestic Animals" directed by Dominique Garing with thevoice of Andre Dussollier.

It is important to note that 50% of the network is subtitled in English.

e-Toile: TV5Monde also offers French language education, how is this program?

"7 jours sur la planète" or "7 days on the planet" is the flagship educational program of the network.

With simultaneous online support on TV5Monde s’ website, educational tools can be used instantaneously by the teacher and the students themselves with the two versions coexisting on Internet, which are "Learning" and "Teaching".

"Learning" is the tool of the student or the person in self-study and "Teaching" is the topic of the teacher.

In addition to "7 jours sur la planète", documentaries and films and other programs broadcasted by the channel are themselves also the subject of educational applications.

Those tools available online are also free on IPhone ITouch or IPad.

e-Toile: TV5Monde also invested newtechnology, how can we take advantage of these offers?

TV5Monde United States is actively working with local operators to allow subscribers to benefit from "TV Everywhere".
This innovative concept will allow viewers to watch the channel on all media-type tablets or SmartPhones at home or on the go.


TV5MONDE United States
8733 Sunset Blvd. Ste. 202
West Hollywood, CA 90069, U.S.A.
Tel: 800.737.0455
Fax: 310.967.0196

Published Nov. 11, 2011.

Last modified on 16/04/2012

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