The largest competition in French language organized in the United States opens next week

JPEGThe "CONGRESS OF FRENCH CULTURE IN FLORIDA" as its name doesn’t do it justice, is the largest competition in the French language organized in the United States for high school students from public and private schools in Florida.

Picture: Two Laureates of the 2011 Congress

We have before us a institution and a treasure for the French presence in the U.S. since it primarily involves younger generations.

An institution, as a matter of fact, considering that this annual meeting has been held in Orlando since 1952 without fail! Because it is now an integral part of the local educationnal heritage, the Congress still enjoys a great reputation but it doesn’t have the success it used to receive in the past.

A treasure, too. Every year for 59 years, over a thousand students gather in Florida with their teachers to speak in French of France. They have been working on educational , artistic and cultural projects for many months which are then presented to a jury in a friendly competition.

Those who had the opportunity to attend were able to witness the joy, enthusiasm and , in some case, the stage fright to show their talent and knowledge of France, its language and culture.

This enduring exposure and success is matched only by the generosity of participants since France is the only beneficiary of such an event of this kind in Florida and, more generally, in the United States, and considering that the top prizes distributed to students are certainly not the main source of motivation.

The 2012 edition, which runs from March 15 to 17, will mark the 60th anniversary of the Congress. The time has come to give Congress the importance that it should never have lost, both to honor the volunteer organizers, to highlight the efforts of students and teachers and, ultimately, to sustain the future in which we sincerely hope that it will continue to thrive.

More info and contacts:

Contacts: Anita Spassoff
President’s Sponsor, Congrès 2012
561-472-5998 x2113


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