Providing French classes within local schools

APEM (Association des Petits Écoliers de Miami) and EFF (Éducation française en Floride) work actively to provide French classes during the “After school program” or on Saturdays within the local schools. APEM’s Communication delegate reviews thoroughly the missions and actions of these organizations and describes their plan for the new school year…

  • Lucile Bonal Hello, you are responsible for the communication of an association of "Petits Ecoliers de Miami", what is the purpose of this organization?

The Association Petits Ecoliers de Miami (APEM) is a participating FLAM program, FLAM being the acronym for "French Mother tongue".

This is a program created for the development of French as mother tongue designed 10 years ago by the International Cooperation and Development International Divistion of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

The program aims to promote the practice of French language by French children residing abroad, who may also have another nationality, and who receive a general education in another language (English in this case). As a note, the association receives a small grant from the French government to support its launch.

APEM is therefore fully invested in the mission entrusted to the program FLAM: to provide educational options for children who cannot reach schools providing a French program for financial reasons, distance or age limit.

Through academic courses and fun activities, these students can gain, maintain or increase their knowledge of language and French culture. They have frequent opportunities to exchange, share, listen, read (APEM has a large library) and write in French, while speaking with other children.

  • Which locations offer courses in French this year?

APEM is actively working to set up French classes during the "After School Program" within schools located in Northern Miami-Dade and Southern Broward (Miami Shores, Aventura, Hollywood and Weston).

With the help of parents whose children attend different schools, we ask the administrations of these schools to create or expand courses in French. Every year several locations are being considered for the new school year.

  • Are there other such associations in Florida?

Absolutely. Education Française en Floride (EFF) is also part of FLAM program. Thanks to its 10-year-action, the Charter School of Miami Children’s Museum provides within its own curriculum French courses to kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade.

EFF opened also a "Saturday school" which hosts classes for dozens of children.

At the origin of these initiatives, APEM and EFF, there are parents volunteers motivated to implement French classes at the core of schools in order for their children to acquire, maintain and deepen their knowledge of the language and French culture.

If other parents are interested and want to start offering such program, they can find the information on Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE), which manages the program:


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Article published Sept 8, 2011.

Last modified on 10/09/2013

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