September 10th

Bizard Opening Performance

BIZARD is a French performer and visual artist. His interest lies in the transformation of the body and how we perceive it. Architect, dancer and slam poet he has developed performance art projects mostly in site specific setting. His work has been shown amongst others at the Centre Pompidou, Louvre Museum and various city spaces.

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National Jewish Theatre Inc. presents "Toujours l’Orage" pièce de Enzo Cormann

When : September 10th- 23rd, 2012

Where : 7400 Monaco Street, Coral Gables, FL 33143

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Teatro de la Comedia presents : "Le Projet HLA"

"Le projet H.L.A." by Nicolas Fretel (Author), Rafael Acevedo (Director). Venue : Theatre Victoria Espinosa, SJ

When : July 1st- September 30th, 2012

Where : Puerto Rico

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