France launches its official portal

JPEGAfter welcoming over 74 million tourists in 2009, France continues to come out as the top world destination. To promote its richness starting with its cultural heritage, is the official portal of the Hexagon.

The website is dedicated to foreigners as well as French with practical and historical information available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, and of course French.

It consists of 6 big sections to expand knowledge on geography, history, values, and the institutions of France, to inform students and new residents and to further assist in the development of French foreign activity.

Here are the categories:

-  To Know: Expand knowledge about France (geography, history, values, institutions…);
-  Visit: discover France, prepare your stay;
-  Live: inform yourself and use the practical services of the everyday French life (hospitality, health, justice, sport…);
-  Study: guidelines to orient oneself;
-  Work: know the specificities of the French market and practical information on the professional life;
-  To proceed: help to establish and develop internationally.

This web page is to promote the image of France launched by the Governmental Information Service (SIG) has a certain advantage: to maintain the resources and internet services to the French public in the exterior as well as for the foreigners wishing to discover France.

It is well understood that the French are equally invited to enjoy holidays and spend leisure time in the French territory.

Visit this precious tool:

Last modified on 14/09/2010

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