The largest gathering ever of French business leaders to take place in Miami from May 6-7, 2010.

Over 400 delegates from the Americas and France met in Florida for the 3rd edition of the North American Symposium organized by the French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCEF).

This event was attended by Anne Marie Idrac, France’s Minister of Trade and Industry. It will also host 100 French Small & Medium size enterprises (SME) selected jointly by the CCEF, Ubifrance (France’s International Trade Development Agency), the French Trade & Economic Missions in North America as well by numerous Chambers of Commerce and Industry in France, to participate in the “North American Springboard” business development initiative.

French business leaders and founders, North American and French personalities from the business and political world, together with several government representatives met during two days of work, debate and analysis on the state of the global economy and its impact on North America.

The CEO’s of the 100 SME invited to this symposium also participated in thematic workshops focused on how to set up and manage an operation and how to sell in the US and Canadian market. In the process, they benefitted - from the advice and guidance of the French Foreign Trade Advisors from North America who were present in Miami for those two days.

In addition, given that Florida has been selected by the US government as the very first state to receive federal funds for the construction of a High Speed Rail system, this gathering of representatives of French industry and commerce also hosted a special conference on the French service and equipment offering in terms of railroads technology and system management.

As for both previous similar events held in Miami in 2005 and 2007, this meeting of French business executives and entrepreneurs served once again to spearhead France’s foreign trade strategy over the whole of North America.

“This symposium demonstrated the dynamism of French business leaders abroad who, not only help promote and uphold major brands and French know-how, but also export our business culture, while assisting younger companies or those newer to the continent to succeed in their “great leap” into foreign trade ventures” comments Paul Bensabat, President of the North American Committee of the French Foreign Trade Advisors.

“Miami was chosen once again to host this symposium, for we are here, not only at the crossroads of the Americas, but also in a community that symbolizes the America of the 21st century : multicultural, vibrant and always ready to reinvent itself in order to keep winning the challenges of the future.”

Paul Bensabat, President of the North-American Committee of the French Foreign Trade Advisors and President of the U.S Northeast Section of the French Foreign Trade Advisors – Tel: +1 917 544-3444 -

Jean-Michel Caffin, Vice-President of the North-American Committee of the French Foreign Trade Advisors and President of the Florida & Caribbean Board of the French Foreign Trade Advisors – Tel: +1 786 247-6057

Elisabeth Gazay, French Foreign Trade Advisor – Tel: +1 (305) 794 1086 _

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