Get ready for the French-American Baccalaureat

Get ready for the French-American Baccalaureat:

The College Board and the French Ministry of National Education teamed up to create this French-American Baccalaureat that will be very soon known as BFA (aka Baccalauréat franco-américain).

The exam is the synthesis of the best part of American secondary education and the best part of the French school system.

From the American side, the BFA took the Advancement Placement Program or AP. Set up in 1995 by the College Board, an American organization recognized for the excellence of its tests, this program allows secondary school students to attend college-level courses.

It is a rigorous academic program demanding a lot of work and ending by rigorous examinations.
Therefore, the AP is recognized as a criterion of excellence and most American universities give students college credits and/or placement into advanced courses in consideration of qualifying scores on the relevant AP exam.
AP courses and exam scores are also used by some admission offices.

Created in 1808, the French Baccalaurat is the first exam of the secondary education. Once passed, it is the key to enter into universities. Its numerous courses offer a wide general education and nurture reasoning and synthesis abilities.

For students, studying for and passing the BFA means:

  • Having the guarantee of a general education of recognized excellence that is provided by the French Baccalauréat,
  • Gaining access to university in France and Europe, this goes also for the preparatory classes for Business school for instance (grandes ecoles).
  • Experiencing instruction methods pertaining to American higher education and thus being better prepared for American universities,
  • Recognizing an excellent mastery of French and English languages as well as French and American culture,
  • Accruing the possibility of academic course credit in English-speaking universities.

For universities, accepting a student with a BFA means:

  • Being assured that the student was educated in schools which satisfy double requirements each year,
  • Relying on reliable academic results,
  • Being certain that the student has a mastery of the English language and American culture and that s/he is ready to be competitive in college.
  • Choosing a student educated in the requirements of writing essays and problem solving, which will have already proved his or her ability at analysis, synthesis and extrapolation; these skills are essential in the academic environment.
  • Diversifying the profiles of students present on campus by accepting a student with an international and multicultural background.

To know more about the BFA, please download the following document:

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French-American Baccalaureat Presentation
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