Public Affairs and Press Department

The department has two missions: to inform and to be informed.

Thanks to its website and the release, each week, of the free newsletter called l’e-Toile, which has a French and an English version, residents of Florida and of the close islands can monitor what is happening in France and locally within the French community.

Festival, Book fairs, Art fairs, French films, visual arts happenings , lectures, social gatherings, interviews, the reader can find what they are looking for in this monthly newsletter .

Important consular information or new regulations are also on these free must-read pages.

To receive l’e-Toile, send a message.

On the other hand, the Public Affairs and Press Department monitors local, national and regional current affairs in order to provide French Authorities accurate information about this part of the world.

Finally, this Department organizes events and meetings during high-level visits in the area.

Public Affairs and Press Department
Fax:(305) 403 4151

  • Head of the Public Affairs department


Last modified on 04/09/2015

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