Biometric Visa

Biometric Visa issued

Since November 10th, 2009, biometric visa has be introduced (fingerprints will be taken).
Therefore, all applicants being more than 6 years old have to come in person at the consulate, after having booked an appointment on the Website. Application by mail are not accepted anymore.

The process step-by-step:

1- First, the qualified applicant has to gather all the pieces in order to bring a complete file at the visa section. Read carefully the website of this consulate at these pages to know more about the information needed.

2- Once the file is complete, the applicant has to set up an appointment on our website (and only on the website)

3- At the date and the hour selected, the applicant has to show up at the consulate general of France located at 1395 Brickell Avenue, suite 1050, (Conrad Hotel building), Miami FL 33131.
To map the consulate, click here.

Please note that this personal appearance is mandatory for all applicants and that the visa files will not be processed by mail anymore.

4- Once at the consulate, the visa section will take the fingerprints.

5- A picture will be taken as well.

6- If the file is complete, the visa will be issued in 24 to 48 hours. The processing period lengthens for applicants who need visa consultation. In that case, the processing time takes minimum two weeks.
To know more about the processing time, click here.

Last modified on 14/06/2017

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