Review of France’s participation in fire-fighting in the Amazon [fr]

In accordance with the decisions taken by the President of the Republic at the Biarritz G7, France is participating, at the request of the Bolivian authorities, in fire-fighting in the Amazon. Coordinated by the Crisis and Support Centre of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs in close collaboration with the French Embassy, the French system deployed in Bolivia combines the human, logistical and financial resources provided by the Ministries of Europe and Foreign Affairs and Interior with significant contributions from the Airbus Foundation and the LVMH Group.

Arrived in Santa Cruz on 8 September 2019 on board an aircraft provided by the Airbus Foundation, a detachment of 38 French civil security rescue engineers, accompanied by French Ambassador Denis Gaillard, was welcomed by Bolivian President Evo Morales. In permanent contact with the country’s authorities and the European team coordinating European resources on the ground, the detachment is deployed on fire-fighting operations in the San Ignacio region. It is supported by experts in civil security reconnaissance and assessment, a module of four drones and reconnaissance and transport equipment whose rotations are financed by the LVMH group. The French system also has at its disposal helicopter rotations equipped with water-dropping capabilities to extinguish fireplaces, secure inhabited areas or infrastructure. More than 200 flight hours, at this stage, have been financed by the Airbus Foundation and the LVMH group.

Finally, to meet the needs expressed by Bolivian civil security, the Crisis and Support Centre of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs will send new emergency aid consisting of fire-fighting equipment. This shipment will be in addition to the two tonnes of specialized equipment shipped on September 8.

In coordination with its partners, France will remain mobilized on the Amazon fire front.

Last modified on 26/09/2019

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