Paul Petrarca, “Tiger Stripe Marauder”, during WWII is recognized by France


Because he fought in some of the most significant battles of WWII, including the Normandy Invasion, Northern France and the Ardennes, Mr. Paul Petrarca, has received in September 2020 the highly coveted French Legion d’Honneur Medal for his service in the United States Air Force and his actions in France during World War II.

Paul Petrarca was born on May 11, 1922 in Pennsylvania, and retired with his family to St Petersburg Beach, Florida.

Assigned to the 387th group of bombers nicknamed the “Tiger Striped Marauders”, Mr. Petrarca took part in the bombing operations of numerous enemy targets based in Normandy, in the North of France, and then in the Ardennes.

Mr. Paul Petrarca has "distinguished himself by his exceptional dedication under extremely dangerous conditions." France will be forever extremely grateful for his actions showing exceptional bravery and selflessness.

Last modified on 06/10/2020

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