Notre-Dame de Paris: How to support her reconstruction? [fr]

On April 15, 2019, the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris was severely damaged by a massive fire. Notre-Dame is not only one of the main symbols of Paris and the most visited monument in the world, she is also part of the historical, artistic and spiritual heritage of France and of humanity as a whole.


Since this tragedy, messages of support and solidarity have been flowing from all over the world. The French nation is extremely grateful for the countless shows of solidarity.

  • Individuals and organizations in the United States willing to contribute to the reconstruction of the Cathedral can send their donations to:

Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris, a recognized public charity, registered as a 501 c3 entity in the U.S. All donations are tax deductible.

  • For your contributions in France, you are invited to visit the portal launched by the French government: directing towards four organizations - the Centre des Monuments Nationaux, the Fondation Notre-Dame, the Fondation du patrimoine and the Fondation de France - offcially recognized as beneficial to the general public. These organizations decided to come together with the French nation to support a secure and transparent fundraising.

About Notre-Dame de Paris

The Cathedral is considered to be the finest example of French Gothic architecture, with an innovative use of rib vaults and buttresses, stained glass rosettes and sculpted ornaments. Construction of the church began in 1160 and continued over close to two centuries. More information about Notre-Dame of Paris

Last modified on 22/05/2019

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