Meeting with a Aida Tejada, experimental photographer

JPEGAida, this Friday begins your first solo exhibition at the French Alliance, which kicks off the full cultural season of this great cultural institution in Miami.
How would you describe your photography?

I would describe it as “experimental photography.” My subjects are banal objects of everyday life. Giving them another dimension, I explore other alternatives to see the same reality. Often my images make up an "essay" Narrative.

How do you get these "surreal effects" in your images?

I use three elements: reflective surfaces, movement and the exposure time of my camera. I do not use "special effects" in Photoshop. Even though my photography is digital I use programs that allow me to make basic adjustments would be done in a traditional lab.

Will we have the chance to know the secrets of these techniques?

We really wanted with the French Alliance to organize a program of workshops for adults, children and schools to give the keys of my work.

Following a tour of the exhibition, I will reveal the secrets of the techniques, simple tricks that you can immediately put into practice in the studio photographic production.

Why The French Alliance for a first solo exhibition in?

As a cultural institution it allows local artists to have a space to exhibit their art projects freely. In addition it is in the heart of Miami. Finally, I heard the French Alliance is preparing some surprises in the field of photography ...

Last modified on 15/09/2011

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