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The company FCare Systems won the Innovation Prize awarded by the French-American Chamber of Commerce of Miami last May.
Specializing in medical and specifically venous related treatments, the company was the first to invent thermo coagulation. Mr. Patrick Danciu, President and CEO of the company introduces us this innovative system and talks about his plans.


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Good morning Mr. Patrick Danciu, you are the President and the CEO of the company FCare Systems. Could you begin by introducing our readers to your professional career and explaining the course of action of your company and the products it offers?

  • Patrick Danciu : I am 54 and the son of Rumanian immigrants. I graduated from the ESIEE (École supérieure d’ingénieurs en électrotechnique et électronique) with an electronic engineering diploma.
    After a long time in telecommunications and new technologies, I decided to fly with my own wings, so I bought shares from a company specialized in the world of beauty and aesthetic medicine.

I quickly developed a passion for this new environment and started taking courses related to the skin, fat, and the venous system.
I resolded this company in 2008 to start a new project with revolutionary cosmetic products made out of 99% pure collagen.

In 2010, I decided to move to the United States as part of a family project.

Fcare systems is a company specialized in the medical and medical aesthetics world.
We are the inventors of thermo coagulation and are specialized in treatments for the veins.

We created the first machine to treat spider veins using this technique to receive an FDA certificate!
To this day, we treat all types of veins from the face and legs, from the smallest to the bigger ones.

To do so, we have three equipments for the different treatments
- VeinXpert for spider veins
- EVRF for endovenous treatments
- VIRIDEX for the aesthetical part – smaller veins, wrinkles, warts, haemangioma, etc.).

We are the designer and manufacturer and work very closely with physicians.

Our technology ranges from non-invasive to lightly invasive and allows the patients to leave immediately after treatment and resume normal activities.
The intervention is extremely comfortable for the patients.

e-Toile : In May 2014, you won the Innovation Award of the French-American Chamber of Commerce of Miami. What did you feature to win this Award?

Our machine is extremely innovative; we provide a non-invasive treatment with immediately visible results that allow you sun exposure right after the treatment is made (which cannot be done with laser, where you have to wait 3 weeks before exposing yourself to the sun); a treatment possible in the middle of a tattoo (which is also impossible with laser) and a treatment that can be performed close to the eyes (once again, impossible with laser).

After treatment, you can resume your normal life without worrying about compression, medicines, etc. In one word: the ideal solution for the patient.

e-Toile : Could you tell us the reasons that pushed you to move to South Florida, and specifically to Miami?
And have you established for this purpose a special relationship with local partners in the field of medicine and research or the technology field?

  • Patrick Danciu : Miami combines personal and professional desire: Personal, for the great outdoors, the sea and the sun and a time difference of only 6 hours with Europe.
    Professionally, as a central point to manage the Americas because FCare USA covers Canada, the US and Latin America.

I partnered with a doctor of international reputation in the venous field with whom I was able to perform humanitarian actions in the Dominican Republic, providing free treatments every 6 weeks. We undertake clinical studies locally.

e-Toile : Finally, what are the projects that you are currently working on?

  • Patrick Danciu : The current project is on the treatment of haemorrhoids, which will be submitted for FDA certification soon.
    The rest of the projects are confidential, but we have been innovating for more than 10 years and will continue to do so.

Know that we have a pilot center in North Miami (Biscayne and 69th Street) where you can discover our technology and get a treatment. For this purpose, simply call 786 288 0740 or send an email to


Article published June 19, 2014.

Last modified on 19/06/2014

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