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French Tech, a renowned French Government & local private entity backed program, is proud to welcome 13 new communities across the globe. The new communities include the 8 international cities of Miami, Bogota, Raleigh, Kiev, Malaysia, Philippines, Prague and Toronto; along with 5 French cities of Guadeloupe, Guyana, New Caledonia, Périgord Valley, French Basque Country.

Rooted in nearly 100 cities worldwide (13 world capitals, 53 communities in France and 56 internationally), the French Tech Local Communities are nodes in a global network led by each respective startup communities. Together, they empower the movement on a local level and increase the mobility of French startups by welcoming them in each city and helping foster business connections with local cultures.

Board Members:

- Stanislas Coignard, Co Founder & CEO Americas - S4M (AdTech)
- David Azar, Founder & CEO - Outsmart Labs (Digital Agency & Incubator)
- Rachel Raynaud, Executive Director - French American Chamber of Commerce
- Eric Tourtel, SVP - Teads Latam (Advertising)
- Anthony Ginter, President - Waterdiam (Agro Tech)
- Ilan Elbase, Managing Partner - Effective Capital (VC Tech Focus)
- Laurent Ruben, Co founder - FABB (Digital Accelerator)
- Noémie Heuland, CFO - Latam & Caribbean SAP (Software)

More members are joining the movement and finding ways to help the community foster every day. Before it’s official announcement, more than 150 Florida Tech entrepreneurs have joined French Tech Miami Linkedin group.

Miami is now the newest addition to the French Tech Family with a mission to power the movement by helping a growing community of local entrepreneurs develop their businesses in the United States & South America as well as promoting French Tech talent.

If you are keen on joining them, visit today La French Tech Miami LinkedIn Group.

What is La French Tech?


13 French Tech Capitals and 37 French Tech communities in France:

These territories, referred to as “French Tech Capitals"; or “French Tech Communities", have a main mission: support the development of start-ups locally. It goes through:
- Funding (research tax credit, grants, incentives etc.),
- Education and training opportunities,
- Set up of French delegations to participate in major international Tech events (i.e. CES Las Vegas)

For more information, click here

La French Tech international

La French Tech is an international label with more than 48 French Tech communities around the world including 6 in the United States. They have two main missions:
- Helping French start-ups to grow in their host country
- Promoting France’s economic attractiveness to foreign investors.

These missions are fulfilled thanks to: the whole international French Tech network and the attractiveness of Station F, the largest start-up incubator in the world.


Why Miami?

Miami, home to 6.1 million people and core of one of the US’ most attractive state

This year, Miami was ranked as number one city in the United States for entrepreneurs (Kauffman Foundation survey). The Tech sector is particularly thriving: more than $4. 5 billion was raised in the last three years by the Tech industry in Miami & Fort Lauderdale.
Its other main asset is to be the undisputed strategic location between North America and Latin America, and the Caribbean making Miami the only gateway of the Americas.

Tech initiatives in Miami goes to a higher level

Brian Breslin, an entrepreneur initiated a first structuring step of Miami’s Tech market. Thirteen years ago, he created the "Refresh Miami" community. Today, this community brings together more than 10,000 people and 2,500 companies.
The rise and awareness of this field brought together many other investors and stakeholders:
- The Knight Foundation founding nearly $30 million Tech projects (including Refresh Miami),
- and Israeli billionaire Moshe Mana, who bought half of Flagler Street. Currently, he is coordinating, through his company ManaTech, the creation of "Station Flagler", which is largely inspired by Station F in Paris.

Miami faces a lack of human resources in this industry: to address the issue, universities launched different accelerator programs. Miami Dade College started "The Idea Center", led by Romi Bhatia, while the University of Miami recruited Brian Breslin to run the "The Launch Pad" incubator. These initiatives aim to connect local startups and entrepreneurs with young graduates.


French Tech Miami’s project is focused on developing a strong community, a broad network and on fostering new talents.

French Tech Miami is already connected with local entrepreneurs (Refresh Miami, ManaTech, to name a few), Universities (University of Miami, Miami Dade College, Florida International University) and local institutions (the initiative is supported by Miami’s Mayor, Francis Suarez, the Beacon Council, and Miami Downtown Development Authority).

- Identify French Tech entrepreneurs based in Florida,
- Gather French entrepreneurs and connect them with local ecosystems: monthly Tech Talks will be organized with inspiring speakers in new venues where members of the community can get together,
- Welcome new entrepreneurs in the French Tech Miami’s ecosystem,
- Connect with the other French Tech’s clusters in the USA and beyond.

- Promote French Tech entrepreneurs at the main Florida shows: eMerge Americas, Future of Education Technology, Connectivity Expo...
- Creation of a LinkedIn French Tech Miami group open to members, showcase events, and offer general information.
- Search for new sponsors and funding to promote French talent.

- Promotion of the French Tech Visa
- Development of new partnerships between French "Grandes Ecoles" and local universities, with the support of the French Consulate.

Interview with Stanislas Coignard and Rachel Raynaud

Stanislas Coignard is Americas’ CEO of S4M, and also leader of the new French Tech Miami hub. Rachel Raynaud is the Executive Director of the French American Chamber of Commerce, Florida Chapter.

You can find the video transcript below.

Why? Miami’s assets:

Stanislas: S4M started in Florida, Miami in 2017. We were struggling getting success and traction in the US and that’s the reason why we have picked Miami as the first entrance to both the North American Market and the Latin American Market. So we set a company in 2017 and after few months (because the city is much smaller than New York for instance, or Los Angeles) we could get traction, we could meet most of the people that are now our clients, we built our first video case studies and we used that as the first material to bridge Miami with other cities in the U.S. such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Why ? New networks:

Rachel: As a chamber of commerce in Florida, we wanted to bridge all the French American companies to this tech industry. Today, everybody knows that the tech is everywhere so it’s very important that as a chamber we are part of it. It’s the future: Miami needs this label.

What? French Tech’s missions:

Stanislas: First we are very proud to be part of the French Tech 120 companies because we are now ready to scale. And the reason for that is because we’ve got helped at the very beginning, from the BPI (Banque Publique d’Investissement) and Business France who are part of our board members and investors. We fundraised with BPI in both 2015 and 2018, we participated to many programs that they offer to start-ups like S4M. They took us to the U.S. to test and to learn what kind of traction we could get from those markets.

How? Synergies and cooperations:

Rachel: So we are working very closely with the French consulate in a very good relationship the goal is to join forces in order to obtain better results for the vision we have for the French Tech in Miami.

How? French Tech Miami’s missions:

Stanislas: First it was a good surprise because we found out that the whole ecosystem locally is very mature: a lot of initiatives have been going on for sometimes a decade and it’s starting to show outcomes and results. So we decided to take it from here with the French Consulate and the French American Chamber of Commerce and to address 3 main missions : to help the community, to promote the French tech at a global scale and to encourage talents in the way they exchange with France and the U.S.
That’s how we happened to meet a lot of people and now we are starting to organize meetings, tradeshows, we have training that are also on their way with universities, we have found a place to gather the whole community, we created a LinkedIn group so everyone can meet and find a place to talk about their activity and so on.

When? Next events:

Rachel: We’re going to involve more and more the French Tech throughout our program of the year. As an example, we are having our annual gala and award ceremony: this is the biggest event of the year. We are going to create a French Tech forum during the afternoon before the gala. It’s going to be huge with investors, all the industry will be there: business angels, founds, entrepreneurs from France and Miami.
Please save the date it’s going to be May the 6th 2020 I count on you all, it’s going to be huge !

Last modified on 23/07/2020

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