Florida French Relief Association: Entraide Floridienne


The Local Organization for Support and Solidarity (OLES) called Entraide Floridienne - Florida French Relief Association, was developed as a result of a joint mobilization of the French, community, the French General Consul in Miami, elected representatives of the French abroad, and honorary consuls of the district. Entraide Floridienne – Florida French Relief Association is intended to assist with diverse needs of the French Community in Florida.

Our association was developed following simple observations: the number of French residents in Florida is growing, along with an increased number of visitors.
It is noted the needs for the French community have been increasing over the years, and continues to increase, while at the same time, available resources and interventions are limited.
In addition to the social assistance implemented by the Consulate General of France in Miami, Entraide Floridienne - Florida French Relief Association provides a solid network of mutual aid and solidarity on the ground.

Entraide Floridienne - Florida French Relief Association also intends to be directed towards people from France (their spouses, children...) and in areas where the French Consulate of Miami branches out (Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands).

The needs of our compatriots have been identified and are the main priorities of our actions:
-  Access to diverse and more affordable medical solutions,
-  Assistance with psychosocial needs (Domestic violence, abuse, etc.),
-  Assistance with administrative tasks in France and in the US,
-  Financial assistance if necessary and available.

The answers are diverse in nature and are based on existing structures, French or American, as well as on professionals belonging to the French-speaking community, such as doctors, psychologists, lawyers...

"Entraide Floridienne" - Florida French Relief Association is aimed at French people that may have certain immediate needs but also to all those who are willing to support its action by donations or by offering specific services or skills.

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Support and solidarity are values that must be carried and shared by all!

The organization is eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions by IRS.

Last modified on 16/02/2021

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