Cultural Services

The cultural services department promotes art, education, French and francophone literature alongside the academic and cultural institutions of its districts (Florida, Puerto Rico, U.S Virgin Islands).

The mission of this service is mainly promotional and administrative.

Its purpose is to promote partnerships between French cultural and educational institutions and their Floridian and Puerto Rican counterparts.
Additionally, this department initiates and/or sponsors cultural exchanges between the most promising and gifted artists, authors, students and thinkers of both sides of the Atlantic.

Furthermore, the cultural services department sponsors many cultural and educational events throughout the state of Florida, Puerto Rico and U.S Virgin Islands in order to oversee projects promoting linguistic diversity and cultural development while developing a contemporary and dynamic approach to French culture.

  • Cultural Attaché

    Tel: (305) 403 4167


  • Deputy Attaché: Arts

    Tel: (305) 403 4166


  • Deputy Attaché: Education

    Tel: (305) 403 4165


Last modified on 05/09/2019

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