• French Education in Florida

    General Context
    Florida offers several types of French classes. It is appropriate, in this context, to distinguish two types of establishments recognized by the French authorities:
    - Schools offering a bilingual (...)

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  • Florida Schools

    Florida Schools listing

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  • Universities

    Numerous universities of Florida welcome French Department. Here the list:
    Public Universities and "colleges"
    -* Florida State University / Department of Modern Languages (...)

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  • Glossary

    International Studies Program (IS) Launched in 1986, the French IS Program developped in South Florida is based on a dual curriculum, American and French,. It goes from Kindergarten to 12th grade.
    For (...)

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  • Comparison of the educational system in France and in the U.S.

    Grade Equivalence between French and US system

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  • Contacts

    At the Consulate general of France in Miami: -* Educational Affairs _ Email -* Scholarships _
    French International Program Parents Association (FIPA) _ P. O. Box (...)

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